Thursday, April 5, 2007

Zorro: Behind The Mask Review

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I remembered this movie just by this morning and decided to get a few review about it. When I was a child, my brother and I used to play Zorro, wear a mask and try fencing with some wooden sticks we got from the backyard, I smile every time I remember those childhood moments.

Zorro really started in the film industry in the late 1920's. Entitled "The Mask of Zorro" which was premiered on December 5, 1920 and was played by Douglas Fairbanks. The film was directed by Fred Niblo, and is written by Johnston McCulley. A lot of movies are done after that year and made a great impact in the movie industry. Zorro was not only popular as a movie but it also crossed the TV series line. The series is a Walt Disney Productions which was premiered October 10, 1957 on ABC Television until September 24, 1959. The show was very famous especially with children. The story revolves on Don Diego Dela Vega who became Zorro. Whenever there are in need of help, he came along with a mask, a sword and a black horse. Everytime he finishes an enemy, he always leaves a "Z" mark and everyone got familiar with that mark that it came from Zorro.

Generations of Zorro were made from the time it was done until now. Just last October 2005, The Legend of Zorro was premiered in theaters. Reminding us that Zorro will always be alive in entertainment and film industry.

I love the Antonio Banderas version of Zorro. Lots of action and scenes that really blends with him as an actor. And of course, with a very beautiful, Catherine Zeta Jones. I hope they would do another movie of Zorro. Surely, I'm going to watch that out. ^_^

From The Mask of Zorro
"November 19, 1920"


Lynn said...

Well written article.

DVD Movie said...

The Mask of Zorro is a nice movie. A film like this is a perfect story!

Faith Cooper said...

The Mask of Zorro has a nice story with a nice action scenes.. It has pretty good soundtrack and I can say it was very entertaining.. I want a DVD copy of this movie.