Monday, April 9, 2007

City of Angels

City of Angels
"What if angels walked among us,
and one of them fell in love with us?"

Falling in love is really unfair sometimes. Most of us experienced being hurt because we love. It always comes to a point that you are willing to give up everything just because of love. Sometimes we tend to choose between the two, giving up the person you love or giving up what is right or you think would do good for you. Painful it is, but we sometimes end up with nothing left for us.

I myself experienced that thing called "love". And its really a pain in the ass if it didn't turn out the way you wanted it. But what can we do if its really not for us?

That's the reason why this movie came across my mind, City of Angels. This movie was premiered April 1998 in the United States. It was directed by Brad Silberling and is nominated in 1999 for Golden Globe Awards. It was played by Nicholas Cage(Seth) and Meg Ryan(Maggie).

Nicholas Cage plays the role of Seth, an angel watching over Los Angeles who then met Maggie, a female heart surgeon in a hospital. Seth then got interested with human life and love and keeps it in a small notebook. Angels tend to be with us, when we feel some invisible presence, it is them reminding us that they are really watching over us. That's what happen to Maggie, she met Seth in a hospital not knowing that he's an angel. After some time of seeing each other, they both discovered a growing love affair. Seth is willing to give up eternity just to be with Maggie. As what i have said a while ago, sometimes no matter what or how much we are willing to give up for the one we love, if it's really not for us, it won't turn out the way we want it. Seth gave up his power as an angel just to be with the girl he loves, by the time he is ready to face Maggie and tell her that she's already a human, Maggie died in an accident.

It's really a very inspiring and dramatic movie. Imagine yourself as Seth or Maggie... What would you feel if that will happen to you? Of course, it's really painful. But all we need to do is to accept it... Move on and enjoy what we have right now. If it didn't turn out well, maybe there's another shot for us to be happy. And it would remind us... God has greater plans for us. ^_^


Anonymous said...

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Jian said...

City Of Angels was one of the "good ones" that you will remember. It was one of those films that makes you wish that's the way the world really was, where perfect, intelligent beings fell in love with mortals. The ending of the story broke my heart.

lilth said...

The only thing else a film like this needs is a suitable ending, which simply wasn't there. The fist hour-and-a-half was mysteriously uplifting, and the ending was downright depressing.8/10

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Anonymous said...

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Faith Cooper said...

Nicholas Cage did an excellent job! I absolutely love this movie. I have seen it several times and it still never ceases to bring me to tears.

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