Wednesday, April 11, 2007

I Am Sam

I Am Sam
"Love is all you need..."

I am Sam was a very inspiring movie which focuses on great love for family. It was directed by Jessie Nelson and was premiered January 25, 2001 in the United States and won 7 Academy Awards and 7 Nominations. The movie was starred by Sean Penn together with Dakota Fanning who was then both nominated for Best Actor and Best Young Actress.

The story was about Sam Dawson(Sean Penn) who was a mentally challenged man. He raises her 7-year old daughter Lucy (Dakota Fanning) besides of his condition. Sam works in Starbucks as a crew, he was popular with the customers whom he recognizes by name and favorite coffee. Life has been great to both of them most specially to Lucy, because her dad is the most wonderful single loving dad she could ask for. Sam gives everything he could give to his daughter. He reads her stories always. Lucy is aware of her dad's condition. She doesn't want to be more intelligent than his dad. Because she knows that her dad is different.

The authorities took away Lucy from Sam. Sam fights for custody of his 7-year old daughter. He hired Rita Williams (Michelle Pfeiffer), a lawyer. The authorities only allowed Sam to visit Lucy for 2 hours per week. He didn't agree with that condition that's why he fought. During the trial, Sam breaks down, after being informed that he is not capable of taking care of Lucy.

In the process, Sam won Lucy back. Teaching everybody a great deal about love. Reminding us that love is all we need.


Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

Dakota is great!she really played her role very well. The story is very inspiring and i appreciate it very much.

lilth said...

Finally, the film has a great message.Truly Love may not be all you need.

Dean Martin

Faith Cooper said...

This movie will make you feel so good. After watching the movie, you won't want to ever give the DVD back to the theater.